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Tutoring 课后辅导

Ontario Grade 9-12 Math Tutoring 安省高中9-12年级数学课后辅导

一个人留学海外,上课听不懂?疑难知识点无法突破?MHF4U(高级函数)/MCV4U(微积分与向量)/MDM4U(统计管理)在难度上都相比11年级的课程有很大的提升,大学申请时这几门12年级数学课又是很多理工科专业的必修!如若没有打好基础,进入大学后更会因为没有良好的基础导致跟不上教授的节奏,影响GPA。不用怕!EAS 学习中心课后辅导项目有专业的老师能够帮助你解决上述所有难题。数学课后辅导最重要的不单是给学员讲解难题,更重要的是帮助学员真正理解每一道公式,能够在学习后自主运用正确的方法解题。我们的专业数学老师均为国内前十大学数学专业,北美名校数学专业研究生,数学教学经验丰富,上课方式轻松易懂,擅长把学员不懂的难点用通俗易懂、中英文结合的方式讲解给学员,上过课的学员都有豁然开朗的感觉,深受学员好评。

Studying overseas alone and can't understand the lessons? MHF4U (Advanced Functions)/MCV4U (Calculus and Vectors)/MDM4U (Mathematics of Data Management) are much more difficult than 11th grade courses, and these 12th grade math courses are required for many science majors when applying for college! If you don't have a good foundation, you will not be able to keep up with your professors and your GPA will be affected if you don't have a good foundation when you enter college! Our after-school tutoring program has professional tutors who can help you solve all of these problems. The most important thing about after-school math tutoring is not only to explain the problems to the students, but also to help the students really understand each formula and be able to solve the problems independently by using the correct method after learning. Our professional math teachers are mathematics majors of the top ten universities in China and graduate students of famous North American universities, with rich experience in teaching mathematics, easy to understand, good at explaining the difficult points that the students do not understand to the students in an easy-to-understand way, combining Chinese and English, and the students who have taken the class have the feeling of being enlightened, and they are very praised by the students.

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Ontario Grade 9-12 ESL Tutoring 安省高中9-12年级ESL英语课后辅导

ESL(English as second language),是针对母语为非英语的学生而设立的英语提高课程,留学生在北美的中学学习时,都会接受ESL的水平测试。根据测试结果决定学生是否可豁免ESL课程,或是ESL课程定级。尽早、尽好地完成ESL课程才能尽快学习安省高中的英语3U、4U课程。EAS学习中心英语ESL课后辅导帮助学生在提升英语各项技能的同时,融入加国的文化。在学习课程后,学生可以流利地用英语演讲,更自如地阅读,并根据内容做出相应的理解,写作在提高语法准确度外,可以根据文体要求准确运用记叙、议论,正反辩证等技巧

ESL (English as second language) is an English language improvement program for non-native English speakers. International students are tested for ESL proficiency in North American secondary schools. The results of the test determine whether a student is exempt from ESL classes or is graded for ESL. Completing the ESL program as early and as well as possible will enable students to take the Ontario high school English 3U and 4U programs as soon as possible. ESL after-school tutoring in EAS Learning Center helps students improve their English language skills while immersing themselves in the Canadian culture. After taking the course, students will be able to speak fluently in English, read more comfortably and understand the content accordingly, and write with improved grammatical accuracy, as well as use narrative, argumentative, and pro/con skills according to the style of writing.

Learn Basic French 零基础法语



In today's age of rapid change and progress, it is increasingly important to master a second foreign language. In Canada, besides English and Chinese, there is no language more useful than French. According to scientific studies, it has been proven that people who learn a second foreign language achieve better academic results!
We welcome those who want to learn French in our basic French courses. Don't have a basic knowledge of French? No problem! Our professional French teachers are French graduate students, native French speakers with many years of experience in teaching French to native Canadians, and have a complete program of materials for students with or without a basic knowledge of the language. Work/school on weekdays? No problem! Boutique 1v1/small group classes, customized to your schedule. As long as you want to learn, you will be able to get the most out of your time!

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